A Strategic Triumph in Consumer Products Expansion

Solara, led by a visionary founder, aimed for quality and accessibility while maintaining self-sufficiency and achieving rapid growth. Their goals included nationwide recognition in India within 2-3 years, expanding into multiple product categories within 2 years, and becoming top sellers in each category.

To achieve these goals, our team at WTBB strategically identified a scalable product category that aligned with their objectives and financial constraints. While scaling their flagship product, the team researched new offerings to broaden their portfolio.

Our strategy involved both expansion within existing categories and integration into new segments, with a focus on securing top positions on major e-commerce platforms like Amazon.Solara's success was bolstered by proactive problem-solving, addressing operational challenges such as returns, customer satisfaction and reduced cost of operations and an ultra refined look at profitability.

Through dedication and strategic planning, Solara evolved from a startup to a nationally recognized brand, poised for continued success in the competitive consumer products market.

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Serenity Home

Crafting Comfort,
Redefining Bedroom Furnishings

Serenity Home, a nascent brand hailing from the United States, sets out on a mission to carve its niche within the fiercely competitive landscape of bedroom furnishings. Recognizing the formidable challenges inherent in penetrating the saturated US market, particularly in the realm of bedroom furnishings, Serenity Home embarks on its journey with determination and resolve.

Establishing a brand presence in this segment demands not only exceptional quality but also substantial investments in advertising—a barrier that proves daunting for newcomers. Additionally, as Serenity Home opts to launch as a vendor on Amazon, navigating the intricacies of operating within the Amazon Vendor Central ecosystem presents a distinct challenge, necessitating specialized expertise and strategic acumen.

In light of these challenges, Serenity Home turns to WTBB, seeking guidance and support in establishing a formidable brand presence despite limited resources and budgetary constraints.

Drawing upon our expertise, WTBB conducts a comprehensive analysis of the market landscape, meticulously studying product offerings and consumer preferences. Our research identifies two key categories of mattresses with significant market potential, paving the way for Serenity Home's initial product offerings.

Capitalizing on this insight, we launch two variants of memory foam mattresses: a premium option featuring a Gel-infused top layer with a Jacquard finish, catering to discerning consumers seeking luxury, and a budget-friendly alternative tailored to price-conscious shoppers.

With a keen focus on catalog optimization and advertising efficacy, the WTBB team diligently refines Serenity Home's product listings and advertising campaigns. Leveraging advanced strategies, we strategically position Serenity Home's offerings at the forefront of Amazon search results, maximizing visibility and driving traffic to the brand.

Moreover, recognizing the importance of brand storytelling and establishing a compelling brand identity, we devote significant resources to developing brand assets, including a captivating brand story and a meticulously curated Brand Store, leveraging the Brand Registry program to its fullest potential.

Through unwavering dedication and a commitment to excellence, WTBB facilitates consistent month-on-month sales growth for Serenity Home, achieving a remarkable 10% increase—a testament to the effectiveness of our strategic partnership and collaborative efforts.

As Serenity Home continues its journey to redefine comfort and elevate the bedroom experience, WTBB remains steadfast in our commitment to supporting the brand's growth trajectory, ensuring that Serenity Home emerges as a formidable contender in the competitive landscape of bedroom furnishings, one restful night at a time.

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Classic Brands
Pioneering Expansion into Global Markets

Classic Brands, a revered entity within the United States mattress sector, has long epitomized excellence in craftsmanship, innovation, and uncompromising comfort. Established in 1971 as the Classic Corporation, its initial focus on waterbeds during the dynamic Seventies era laid the foundation for its evolution into a premier manufacturer of top-tier memory foam and latex mattresses. Over time, Classic Brands diversified its offerings to encompass an extensive array of sleep accessories and furniture, all meticulously crafted to deliver unparalleled restorative experiences.

However, despite its esteemed reputation on American soil, Classic Brands encountered a formidable challenge: venturing into the European and UK markets. While its name was synonymous with quality and trust in the U.S., establishing a foothold in new territories necessitated a strategic approach and a seasoned partner adept in international e-commerce intricacies.

In response to this imperative, WTBB, a seasoned agency with a proven track record in global e-commerce, particularly on platforms such as Amazon, stepped forward to spearhead Classic Brands' expansion endeavors.

From inception, WTBB assumed comprehensive responsibility for orchestrating Classic Brands' foray into European and UK markets. This encompassed an exhaustive range of tasks, including meticulous market analysis, adherence to regulatory frameworks, streamlined logistics management, and the meticulous crafting of branding initiatives and advertising campaigns. Through their expertise and meticulous planning, WTBB laid a solid groundwork for Classic Brands, ensuring a seamless transition into new territories.

A primary challenge confronting Classic Brands was establishing brand recognition and credibility in markets where its presence was relatively nascent. In response, WTBB devised a targeted branding strategy emphasizing Classic Brands' rich heritage, unwavering commitment to quality, and dedication to customer satisfaction. Through astute execution, WTBB effectively positioned Classic Brands as a trusted purveyor of superior sleep solutions, resonating with discerning consumers across Europe and the UK.

Additionally, WTBB prioritized optimizing Classic Brands' visibility and efficacy on e-commerce platforms, most notably Amazon. Leveraging their profound understanding of Amazon's algorithms and best practices, WTBB implemented an array of strategies, including meticulous product listing optimization, strategic employment of sponsored product ads, and judicious deployment of promotional initiatives, all aimed at maximizing visibility and driving conversions.

The outcomes of WTBB's endeavors exceeded expectations. Within a notably brief timeframe, Classic Brands achieved remarkable sales milestones in both European and UK markets, surpassing initial projections and affirming its status as a significant player in the global mattress industry. The success of this launch underscored the power of collaborative partnerships, highlighting the synergy between Classic Brands and WTBB and underscoring the significance of strategic alliances in propelling business expansion and growth.

Moving forward, Classic Brands and WTBB remain steadfast in their commitment to furthering their success and expanding the brand's footprint in international markets. Unified by their unwavering dedication to innovation, excellence, and customer satisfaction, Classic Brands and WTBB stand poised to redefine benchmarks of achievement within the global e-commerce arena, ensuring restful nights for consumers worldwide.

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Stoke Stove

Elevating Outdoor Cooking Excellence

Stoke Stove stands as a pioneer in outdoor culinary experiences, offering premium gas and wood-fueled portable ovens tailored for discerning enthusiasts. Predominantly distributed through a D2C website and esteemed retail partner Target, the brand encountered challenges establishing a foothold on Amazon, prompting a strategic reassessment.

Recognizing the need for a seasoned partner, Stoke sought WTBB's expertise to orchestrate a successful Amazon relaunch. Delving into an exhaustive analysis, we pinpointed key shortcomings and market trends, informing a meticulous product enhancement strategy.

Collaborating closely with Stoke Stove, we meticulously redesigned products to address previous limitations while integrating sought-after features gleaned from market leaders. This revitalized offering was coupled with a refined catalog, meticulously showcasing product attributes

The relaunch on Amazon witnessed remarkable success, propelled by a potent advertising campaign meticulously managed by WTBB. This strategic synergy drove accelerated growth, firmly establishing Stoke Stove as a frontrunner in the outdoor cooking segment.

Through our collaborative efforts, Stoke Stove has not only regained its foothold but has soared to new heights of success on Amazon. As Stoke Stove continues its trajectory of innovation and expansion, WTBB remains steadfast in our commitment to fostering its enduring success in the competitive landscape of outdoor cooking.

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